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In 1976-1977, while I was a graduate student in physics at the University of Texas, I was fortunate to take the required electrodynamics course ("Jackson") from the legendary John A. Wheeler.  Each week he distributed hand-written, mimeographed summaries (originally in purple) of the week's material.  I have preserved these over the years and am now making them publicly available, in the hope that they will be of value to future generations. Topics follow Jackson and include discussion/solution of homework problems, relativity, approximations, etc..  Tutorials require short answers, exams longer.  My answers have been erased.  Apart from a few student-generated solutions sets, I believe this constitutes the entire course material.

The Jan. 19a 1977 handout consisted

of pp. 79,83-87 of Taylor and Wheeler

Spacetime Physics

The Jan. 24 1977 handout consisted

of Chap. 41 of Misner, Thorne and Wheeler

on spinors.

Feb 11 1977

(Includes pages

from MTW, Chap. 21)

Feb 16 1977


Feb 16 1977

Take-home exam

Feb 21 1977


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